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CINEMATIC + SOFT PRESETS (for Lightroom Classic & Lightroom Mobile)

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Are you trying to get that Cinematic + Soft look on your photos?! Try no more! I'm excited to share with you my Cinematic + Soft Lightroom Presets, available for both Lightroom Classic (.XMP) and Lightroom Mobile (.DNG)! These 4 Cinematic Soft presets will give you that cinematic look while keeping your tones soft and creamy. I've spent months and months perfecting this look and I'm so stoked to share these with you!

These presets will truly help speed up your photo editing workflow and the four presets included are Cinematic Soft, Cinematic Soft + Deep, Cinematic Soft + Grain, Cinematic Soft + Vibrant. Buy them, enjoy them and edit your photos in new and creative ways today!

with love, bryanadamc.

ABOUT ME: I've been a photographer for 8+ years and have worked with brands like Jaguar USA, Sennheiser, Hyundai USA and Lexar International, to name a few. Check out more of my work here on my instagram: @bryanadamc


DESKTOP PRESETS for Lightroom Classic (.XMP Files): for help on how to import your presets to Lightroom on your desktop computer, see instructions here: HOW TO IMPORT LIGHTROOM PRESETS 

PLEASE NOTE: the Lightroom software for desktop requires a paid subscription through Adobe Creative Cloud.

MOBILE PRESETS for Lightroom Mobile (.DNG Files/Images): these presets were custom made to be used in the FREE Lightroom App. To use your mobile presets, please FIRST ensure the Lightroom App is downloaded on your mobile device.


  1. DOWNLOAD .DNG FILES/IMAGES: download the presets (.DNG Files/Images) directly to your phone and save them to your Camera Roll or Photos. If you’d like to download them to your computer, send the DNG files to your phone after downloading (if you're using an Apple device, AirDrop is the best way to do this). You’ll see the 4 DNG Files/Images in your Camera Roll or Photo App.
  2. ADD TO LIGHTROOM: open the Lightroom App on your mobile device. Tap on “Add Photos’ in the lower right corner. Tap “From Camera Roll”. Select the the 4 DNG Files/Images from your Camera Roll and tap “Add 4 Photos”.
  3. CREATE PRESET GROUP: now, create a Preset Group to organize these presets. Tap on the first DNG photo. Tap on the 3 dot icon in the top right corner, then click “Create Preset”. Tap the 'User Presets' dropdown and select 'Create New Preset Group'. Name this group 'CINEMATIC SOFT PRESETS' and hit the checkmark to confirm.
  4. CREATE PRESETS: with the Preset Group created, head back to the 'Library' tab in the bottom left corner, tap 'Recently Added' and you'll now see the 4 DNG files at the top. Tap on the first DNG photo. Tap on the 3 dot icon in the top right corner, then tap “Create Preset”. From here, name the preset, matching the name of the preset to the photo:

    From here, ensure that the 'CINEMATIC SOFT PRESETS' Preset Group is selected in the 'User Presets' Preset Group dropdown and then tap the check mark in the top right corner to confirm. Your preset is now created! Repeat this process on the 3 other DNG presets. These presets will now appear under 'Your' presets in the 'CINEMATIC SOFT PRESETS' Preset Group!
  5. START EDITING: to use the presets, import one or more of your own photos to the Lightroom App. After clicking on your photo, find the “Presets” icon by scrolling through the editing options at the bottom of your screen (or top right for iPad). You’ll see a drop down of your “User Presets”. Click any preset to apply it to your photo. Make additional adjustments to your image as you desire!

ALL SALES ARE FINAL: The downloaded preset pack can not be returned, therefore your purchase of theses presets is non-refundable. Additionally, unauthorized distribution of my presets is prohibited and will be met with legal action.

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Get 4 of my Cinematic + Soft Lightroom Presets for Lr Classic & Mobile! Achieve CINEMATIC & CREAMY COLORS in just ONE CLICK! Purchase Now!

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CINEMATIC + SOFT PRESETS (for Lightroom Classic & Lightroom Mobile)

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